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Winn Wittman Architecture is an Austin-Texas-based award-winning architect specializing in contemporary architecture, residential architecture, multi-family, high-rise, restaurant design, commercial, interiors and remodeling. Founded in 1996, we have served Texas, including Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Houston, and work internationally. Rather than having a singular design philosophy or style we approach each project as a collaboration with our client. Our goal is to create a highly-functional, unique and timeless work of art which elevates the quality of life of those who use, occupy and own the building.

With creative use of materials, detailed attention to all elements of design and understanding of building techniques, we come up with unique solutions that enrich our client’s lives. Be it residential or commercial architectural work, we believe that collaborative approach ensures the highest quality projects. We have team members from varying backgrounds and different countries and they each bring a unique perspective to the table.

As one of the most recognized architects in Austin, Texas, we carefully balance budget, quality and schedule from concept to completion. We view the builder as our collaborative partner, and seek out suggestions for value engineering by sharing our designs with prospective builders early in the design process.

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