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Winn Wittman Architecture Firm in Austin Texas

I founded Winn Wittman Architecture in 1996 after receiving my BA in Fine Arts and English at Tufts University and then my Masters in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. I began my career as a craftsman, builder and developer, so I thoroughly understand how things are made. In fact, I believe an Architect should have to build before they are allowed to draw.

I have lived in Austin for over 25 years and have designed homes and businesses all over Texas and in other parts of the USA. My travels to over 40 countries have informed my work, as do the local building techniques and materials where I happen to be designing. But the greatest influence for me is the personality and preferences of my clients. In each new commission I seek to embody their spirit in a design as unique as their own DNA.

My firm is made up of a select group of the finest creative minds in the design field. We are fortunate to have received awards from American Institute of Architects, World Architecture News, The Dream Home Awards, The Japanese Design Promotion Organization and Architectural Record. Our work has been published in books and dozens of magazines around the world and featured on the Discovery Network and HGTV.

We are a member firm of the American Institute of Architects and the Texas Society of Architects. License #19815 Teas Board of Architectural Examiners.

It’s our privilege to be known as one of the best architecture firms in Austin. We have received local, national and international recognition for our world-class residential architectural work. Winn Wittman was called “America’s most rock ’n roll architect” by Spaces Magazine in the U.K. And Hollywood director Terrence Malick has used Winn’s WWA homes to film with actors Christian Bale, Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett. Winn Wittman Architecture is head quartered in Austin, Texas, and has evolved into one of the most noteworthy modern Austin architecture firms.

Our primary goal is developing enduring relationships with our clients, who generally embrace modern design and contemporary architecture. We have a diverse portfolio, which showcases a range of contemporary styles of architecture that we have had the opportunity to explore. At Winn Wittman Architecture, we are committed to assisting clients in creating environments that are sensitive to the occupant’s aspirations and needs. For over twenty years, our firm has been influenced by the vibe, technology and creative environments that have driven and embodied the Austin design and high-tech scene. Recent work includes luxury homes, small homes, small commercial projects, remodels and more. Our firm has built a substantial portfolio that includes work in Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and beyond.

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