Which green building techniques work for you?

A green building Architect can help you utilize the latest methods and technologies to make the planning, design and construction of your new home or commercial project as sustainable and energy-efficient as possible. Some of the benefits of green building Architect include:

  • Healthier indoor air quality.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Durable and attractive structures that are in harmony with their surroundings.
  • Buildings that don’t fluctuate as much from heat to cooling cycles.
  • Zero-energy and Low-energy buildings that cost substantially less to operate.
  • Understanding local and national tax-incentives to purchase solar panels or upgrade the energy-efficiency of existing buildings.

Some of the techniques a green-building Architect employs include:

  • Passive heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting.
  • Using open-cell foam insulation and vacuum bag insulation panels.
  • Using solar films and insulated window systems.
  • Designing the window system and structure to be thermally broken.
  • Using radiant barriers.
  • Solar panels and tubes.
  • Using sustainable and reclaimed materials.
  • Using split-system heat pumps with high SEER ratings.

We can help you determine which of these techniques makes sense for your project. We can also help you attain a 5 Star Energy Rating from the City of Austin, San Antonio or Fort Worth, and can help you determine if LEED Certification is appropriate for your project.

It is our personal philosophy that homes that are “green” can still be stylish, and don’t have to look like hippie communes. One of the homes we recently designed, has huge panels of glass yet because of some of the Green Building techniques mentioned above has cooling bills averaging $100 per month throughout the Texas summer.

Wittman Panels

Winn Wittman Architecture received a Dream Home Award in 2011 for “Best Green Innovation” for our design of a unique panel system which can be retrofitted to existing buildings for energy savings. These decorative panels (available in a number of patterns) reflect sunlight before it hits the building, thus reducing solar gain. The panels can also qualify for federal and local tax rebates. For more information about this system please contact us.

Metal panels provide a shading effect and were awarded “Best Green Innovation” by Green Builder Magazine in 2010.