Residential Architect Austin - Home Design Projects

In looking at these representative projects which span time and place, one is drawn to their uniqueness, passion and sculptural vision. Each project in this section is an example of the Wittman Process™ in action, and a demonstration of how the individual goals and aspirations of the occupants are embodied in stone, wood and glass. The projects are unified by a common appreciation of the beauty of materials, a love of innovation, and a delightful and joyous approach to residential architecture and commercial architecture.

These projects challenge our notion of what a building or home must be, and speak to us in the eternal language of our collective unconscious without need for translation. Creating timeless beauty is not about thinking with the mind, but about seeing with the mind’s eye. In a world that mass produces and emulates, art lives and stands in its own dimension — a dimension that words cannot begin to adequately describe.

Our contemporary designs are fanciful mix of art and technology. We believe in creating beautifully modern homes that inject a fresh design aesthetic and standard of construction for Texas. At Winn Wittman architecture, we strive to create built forms and interior environments that respond to the requirement of each individual client. Our approach is to view the home or building as a highly-functional work of art that can be appreciated from any angle like a fine piece of sculpture.

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