Architect Austin, Texas

Mitigating the desire to view and experience the lovely Texas countryside around Lake Travis with a need for privacy, the architect designed Butterfly House with a central courtyard, flanked on either side by the more private residential wings of the home.

The two flanking volumes of the house are visually drawn to the central entrance and courtyard through the sloping of the butterfly roof. The glazed entryway opens to the living room and kitchen leading through the house to the exterior courtyard. The exterior fa├žade of the home is open, flooding the interior with natural light and open views to the hill country, culminating in a plunge pool adjoining the covered exterior kitchen and patio space.

The limestone and stucco cladding extend to the privacy fence that wrap around the street front of the home and dissolve into a largely glass facade in the back to open the lower level exterior to the beauty of the natural environment.