Mirasol Development in Austin, TX

Responding to a need to house two families Mirasol House overlooks Lake Travis, and is comprised of a series of three distinct box volumes clad in limestone, stucco, and glass. It is located in the Mirasol subdivision near Lake Travis.

The central volume houses the joint living spaces and separates the two master bedrooms to provide maximum privacy in this shared space. Contrasting with the solid volume front façade, the gently sloping metal roof lifts up the back façade into three soaring rooflines that project over the valley below.

The bedrooms and living space open to a bed back patio with a spacious negative edge pool overlooking Lake Travis.

The contemporary architect designed this Austin home to satisfy the modern design preferences of the client.



Team Members:

Design:   Winn Wittman A.I.A.

Alfred Mojica

Construction Documents: Joe Fisher A.I.A.

Builder: Dearth Homes