Austin, Texas 2012

The Ravine House is located on a site in the Texas hill country previously deemed too difficult to build. By making use of very tall pier supports, the home floats like a tree house above the canyon and offers panoramic views of the nature preserve below.

The clients of this 2,600 square-foot home are very environmentally conscious and wanted a structure that would nestle in the trees but minimally-impact their pristine property. The home was constructed in such a way that even trees which brushed up against the side of the walls were pruned back and retained.

The owners are aficionados of mid-centrury design and furnishings and the architect used the Case Study Houses of the same aesthetic as an inspiration. The home is primarily furnished with vintage mid-century Danish pieces. The client liked the feeling of being in the trees so much that she gave up her office so she could spend more time working from home.


Team Members:

Design Team: Winn Wittman

 Alfred Mojica

 Edward Saenz

 Sam Burch

 Jeremy Broussard

Builder: Abode Homes