Westlake Hills, Texas 2007

Soaring Wings is one of the most well-known and well-published homes in the Austin area. It takes it’s name from the two large copper wings which form the roof plane.

The home is separated into a public volume, containing the living, eating and entertaining spaces, and a private volume, containing the bedrooms, separated by a two-story glass and steel bridge. The entire house is accessible via three-story elevator. The home is highly energy efficient, despite the many windows, due to bio-foam insulation, low-e films, and passive solar technologies. There is also a provision for rainwater collection.

The courtyard, carved from the hillside in back is a private refuge from the hot Texas sun. It contains both a salt-water pool and Zen-like rock garden. The owners believe the home is a complex, rich, and ultimately satisfying framework for their life.

Soaring Wings has won a Dream Home award for Best Contemporary Home of the Year, and was selected as Architectural Record’s House of the Month. The project was also published in the German book Die Neue Villa, 2009 and two Chinese books 50 Top Houses, 2011 and The Modern Villa, 2014. The home has also been featured in numerous international magazines such as Robb Report, Spaces (UK), HOM (DL), Objekt (NL) and Hinge (HK).


Team Members:

Designer: Winn Wittman

Builder: Gary Robinson